This is our beautiful story

Our all natural candles have been specifically made with the weekend in mind. Australian owned, the Birregurra Candle Co has chosen to use only local ingredients that are ethically sourced.

We have named our candles to blend in with what we’d imagine your weekend to be and like a fine wine, pared with local Australian music to get you right into those good weekend vibes.

Hi, I am Hannah, owner and candle maker at Birregurra Candle Co. I am passionate about sourcing local natural materials and ingredients that are ethically sourced and have low environmental impact. The Biregurra Candle Co believes in caring for our earth and treating her with the respect she deserves.

We have a huge passion for all things local at the Birregurra Candle Co even down to the music that we have pared our candles with. Go check them out, you


Friday Evening

The wind down you need after a busy week.
Neroli’s soothing aroma paired with Lavender, Ho Wood and Ylang Ylang, topped off with an uplifting burst of peppermint will have you as calm as a millpond.

Best paired with:
Artist: Angie McMahon
Album: Piano Salt
Volume: Low

Saturday Morning

The perfect companion for early morning chores.
The freshness of Lemon Myrtle, clean crips notes of Tea Tree, Peppermint and Eucalyptus, finished off with relaxing lavender will have you looking forward to getting behind the Dyson.

Best paired with:
Artist: Julia Jacklin
Album: Don't Let The Kids Win
Volume: Max

Sunday Afternoon

Savour that weekend feeling.
Eucalyptus, Cedarwood and Wintergreen together is like bottling your walk through the Otway Ranges, coupled with Lemon & Peppermint you’ll be refreshed ready to take on the new week.

Best paired with:
Artist: Georgia State Line
Album: In Colour
Volume: However, you like it!

Want your own Birregurra candle co experience?

Choose from our Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon scents or fill your whole weekend (or any day of the week) with all 3 of the beautiful local smells of the Birregurra Candle Co.

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